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We can help source your greatest asset.


Westridge Recruitment can support your business in finding your next great hire and planning for the future.

Assessment of Needs

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What We Do

  1. Assessment of needs.

  2. Establish the hiring process.

  3. Creation of customized job ad.

  4. Optimization of job ad content for Indeed, LinkedIn, and specialized and local job boards. 

  5. Sourcing and qualifying candidates.

  6. Presentation of qualified candidates.

  7. Successful placement with your company.

Why Recruitment Matters

Recruitment is focused on finding the right person for the job.

Finding the candidate that will fill the required qualifications and fit into your company culture can be challenging. Using your in house resources to find talent is not always the most efficient solution. 


At Westridge Recruitment, we are experts in sourcing talent and matching the right individual to the opportunities that our clients have available.


How We Recruit

The search for top talent for any position requires a heavy dose of resourcefulness combined with a practical approach to matching an individual to your business.


At Westridge Recruitment we utilize our professional networks and our robust database of industry connections and talent pools. Through our work with your company and our expert knowledge of the recruitment business we find a slate of highly qualified candidates that we present to you for interview and assessment to determine fit within your company.

Connect with Westridge

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Industry Experience & Expertise

The leadership team at Westridge has extensive and varied collective experience as owners, entrepreneurs, business developers and senior managers in small and medium sized businesses.  Westridge has cultivated expertise, best practices and the know-how to help you execute the HR program that best fits your business. To learn more about our experience and how it can be used to support your business please visit our "How We Support You" page found here.