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Publish Date: April 24, 2020

Revision Date: August 28, 2020

Provincial Guide Materials 


Ontario's Covid-19 Response Material: here

Ontario's Covid-19 Guide Material: here

Ontario's Reopening Guidelines: here


Guidelines for Ontario Workplaces: here

Industry Specific Guidelines:

  • Construction: here

  • Manufacturing: here

  • Agriculture: here

  • Restaurant & Food Service: here

  • Food Manufacturing: here

  • Retail: here

Ontario's Covid-19 Tool Kit for Workplace Safety: here

Ontario's amendments to the Employment Standards Act:

  • Employment Standards Amendment Act (Infectious Disease Emergencies), 2020 Announcement: here

  • Declared Emergency Leave: here

  • Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (IDEL): here

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) Covid-19 Resources: here

Ontario Public Health, Covid-19 Information: here

  • Hamilton Public Health, Covid-19 Information: here

  • Niagara Region Public Health, Covid-19 Information: here

  • Niagara Region Mask By-Law Information: here

Federal Guide Materials 

Canada's Economic Response Plan: here

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS): here

Temporary 10% Wage Subsidy for Employers: here

Work-Sharing Program: here

Canada Emergency Relief Benefit (CERB),

  • Through the Canada Revenue Agency: here

  • Through Service Canada: here 

Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA): here

Recovery Benefits & Expanded EI Access: here

Connect with Westridge for Covid-19 Support

Publish date: June 1, 2020

Revision date: August 28, 2020

As more regions and business sectors across the Province are receiving the go ahead to reopen, it is important to let your staff and your customers know that you are doing everything possible to provide a safe environment for them. This includes ensuring that all Provincial and Regional requirements are being followed consistently.

Removing the fear factor will be critical for success in the coming weeks and months.

Westridge is here to help you navigate and implement the reopening protocols.

Here is how we can help:

  1. Financial Health: We will help ensure you are making use of all the available government support programs.

  2. Navigate the ever-changing rules: We will help you develop your safe reopening procedures based on your industry and your specific circumstances.

  3. Staff Preparedness: We can assist in the training of your staff to ensure everyone fully understands the required steps and how to communicate and interact with your customers in a safe and comforting manner.

  4. Independent Endorsement: Our team of trained Reviewers can assess your operations and provide you with an Endorsement of Compliance which can be displayed for your customers peace of mind and used in marketing programs and social media communications. This can be a one time visit or an ongoing review process to maintain consistency and respond to changing circumstances.

Connect with us today and let us help you get back to business safely.

Engage with us and elevate your business. Get started today.

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