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Employee Feedback

We can help your business learn from your greatest asset.


Westridge Human Resources can support your business with a full suite of employee survey tools and feedback.

Real Time Feedback

What We Do

  1. Real time feedback

  2. Employee Surveys

  3. Employee Satisfaction

  4. Deployment Effectiveness

  5. Engagement

  6. Exit interviews

Why Feedback Matters

Collecting feedback is an effective tool to determine future business decisions or to gauge the effectiveness of operational changes and program implementations. Surveys for your employees, customers and clients allow you to learn what they expect or how they feel. It is an effective method to make meaningful change to your business.

  • Are my employees satisfied?

  • Was the training effective? 

  • Was our new program launch effective?

  • How effective are my employees at serving my customers?

  • Are my customers satisfied?

Westridge has the know-how and tools to collect survey data and turn it into learning.

Industry Experience & Expertise

The leadership team at Westridge has extensive and varied collective experience as owners, entrepreneurs, business developers and senior managers in small and medium sized businesses.  Westridge has cultivated expertise, best practices and the know-how to help you execute the HR program that best fits your business. To learn more about our experience and how it can be used to support your business please visit our "How We Support You" page found here.


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